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Liberating your Life

As we age, our life’s experiences help us to know what is important to us and what is not.  Once you decide that you definitely are committed to changing your life then the challenges of just how to do this can consume us to frustration.  We can become paralyzed into no action.

For me, simplifying my life to comfortable essentials was a life style I wanted, especially after owning 5 homes and all the stuff moved, sorted, boxed, unboxed….accumulations of years of family life I no longer wanted to drag around with me.  Besides, I had lived simply before my marriages and knew how freeing it was to not be possessed by my possessions…..there are infinite advantages to this one finds like knowing what we can live without…finding what we are looking for because there is no clutter….5 minutes to pick up ones space instead of 3 hours….being a household of one or two again does lend itself to a simple life with few belongings.

Having traveled many times in Mexico, I realized the Mexican people often live this way either through poverty or necessity when housed in cramped quarters.  I also experienced the delightful connections that come so clearly and strongly when only the essentials give us the freedom to focus on each other and not on our possessions.  The Mexican people are very friendly, kind, and happy.  They are accustomed to speaking with each other and therefore with me on a very personal level….their eyes like deep chocolate pools see me for me so that our conversations are warm and heart-felt.  I have often remembered the difficulties I have had when in cold climates trying to get close to a person for a connected conversation when we are all bundled up…insulated from each other.  In the warm climate of Vallarta, where one wears few clothes, it is easy to have a close and lovely conversation.  This appealed to me tremendously while on my travels and was a major factor in my decision to move here.

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