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Malecón for Wheelchairs

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Puerto Vallarta’s seawall (Malecón) is steeped in history. From Indians and Aztecs, pirates and Spanish Conquistadores, farmers and fishermen, stevedores and early settlers to Hollywood actors and famous politicians, today’s Malecón continues to hold a special magic over those who roll or stroll along its two mile length from Hotel Rosita past the Los Arcos Amphitheater all the way to Los Muertos Pier. The ocean, the waves, the breeze, and the jungle-covered mountains only add to the beauty and enjoyment of this important symbol of Vallarta.

Join Puerto Vallarta Walking Tours unique offering where you will learn about the history of Vallarta from its beginnings during the silver boom of the 1850’s to the present; architecture of the Spanish colonial period; artists’ inspirations behind the many bronze sculptures; folk art of the local Huichol indigenous people; stories of the characters who helped build this town including the famous Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton years during the filming of the “Night of the Iguana” in 1964; and finally, end at the stunning Los Muertos Pier which was a rustic fishing pier for locals until reconstructed in 2012. Now pangas meet you here to take you to many of the southern beach towns that are not accessible by car. Return in the evening when the pier is lit in all its colorful glory while you stop for a margarita or meal at one of the restaurants along the way. Many of these restaurants are wheelchair accessible and you will receive a list of these at the conclusion of the tour.

All along the Malecón is where you will find locals and tourists alike, families and couples, teens holding hands and folks walking their dogs, jogging, feasting on the many foods sold from vendors along the way or buying unique artwork by the artisan there. In the Los Arcos Amphitheater, watch comedians and mimes ply their trade while eliciting laughter from the gathered crowds. This is especially popular in the evenings. Take photos, buy some art, have a drink of tuba or a refreshing ice cream. Enjoy marveling at the flying valadores who drop like birds upside down from their 90-foot pole secured only by a rope around their feet. There is a special ancient meaning to the number of rotations and the position of the flyers. You may also get a chance to gaze at the stone and sand sculptors as they create beautiful and unusual icons for your enjoyment.

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