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My Books

My Guidebooks are now available as eBOOKS!! Delivered directly to your computer. Buy directly from me. ONLY $10

book-tropical-plants-and-walks-of-puerto-vallartaTropical Plants and Walks of Puerto Vallarta.” SECOND EDITION

Gardeners, Artists, Flower-lovers! Interested in what tropical plants grow in this part of Mexico?

  • 130 pages with over 200 full-color photos
  • Names in English, Spanish, and Latin with cross index
  • Walking guide of the Vallarta Botanical Gardens
  • Folklore and medicinal uses from indigenous Mexico
  • All photos taken by me during my plant walks

book-walking-puerto-vallartaWalking Puerto Vallarta and beyond.” SECOND EDITION

Arm-chair Travelers, Walkers, Photographers, Artists! Enjoy the beauty of this Colonial Town.

  • Expanded to 150 pages
  • Over 300 full-color photos
  • Nine different neighborhoods with descriptions
  • Photo location index and map
  • All photos taken by me during my walking tours

I love to take photos, especially of the places, people, and landscapes that depict a moment captured in time. I encourage readers to immerse themselves into the neighborhoods to see the sights, meet the local shop owners, smell, taste and hear…all to encourage a memorable experience. If you would rather have a guide, then I or one of my staff will be happy to fulfill that role. We of course have stories and anecdotes you have not heard that will surely enrich your walking experience.
Use these books as guides, gifts, souvenirs, or to inspire you and others to visit Vallarta again and again.

PURCHASE: In US or Canada Obtain the eBook with PayPal.

PURCHASE: In Puerto Vallarta Page in the Sun Bookstore, Vallarta Botanical Gardens, Friday Marsol Market (where I have a booth)

PURCHASE: In Mexico Contact me as I can mail to you via Mexico post.

BOOK COST: $20 USD or 250 pesos plus mailing where applicable. ONLY IN MEXICO.
eBOOK COST: $10 USD via PayPal