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Get an Insider’s View of Puerto Vallarta

Couple enjoying encheladas, Puerto Vallarta Walking Tours!-

This review was posted recently on my Trip Advisor page by one of my clients who took my El Centro Walk. I am so grateful for what she says that I just had to post it!

“My husband and I loved Sandra’s Learn Vallarta Walking Tour. It was a small group which made it feel so personal – we didn’t have to fight to hear what she was saying and we could ask as many questions as we liked. She took us on an easy walk around the city, reviewing the history, the art, and local shop vendors. It was so neat being able to see behind the scenes of local shops and their owners. We visited several very cool spots and it really set the rest of our trip up for success! The best part about the tour (besides the amazing city itself) was Sandra! She was so much fun! She knows the city and the local people so well – you really feel like you are getting an insider’s view of the city! Not only did she show us amazing native art, but she also gave us the insight on the best ceviche and candy to die for! We couldn’t be happier with our tour! Everyone should do this on their trip to PV!”

Robyn M.
Anaheim, CA

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Popular Hand-drawn Vallarta Maps

PV Map

Well-known cartographer Jeffrey Obser, or Mapa Jeff as he is known in Vallarta, continues to produce exceptional hand-drawn and enhanced maps of many of the Banderas Bay areas. These maps are so detailed, indicating every street name, stairs, trails, pathways, and points of interest, that they are THE maps to have for anyone who enjoys walking. Jeff does much of his research by physically walking every inch of the area he is working on and taking detailed notes so when he gets back to his studio in California, he can produce these wonderful maps as accurately as possible. He updates the more popular Vallarta maps annually, reflecting the changes that have occurred during the year.

Maps are coated to protect them from moisture, can be rolled for purse or pack, and can even be used as placemats or framed souvenirs from your travels around Banderas Bay. Couple these maps with my Walking Guidebooks, and you have all you need to strike out on your own and never get lost!

Now also available, many of Mapa Jeff’s maps in foldable format for pocket, purse, or glove compartment.

If you are in Puerto Vallarta and not familiar with these great maps, you can find the most popular (Vallarta, Yelapa, Conchas Chinas, Cabo Corrientes) at my Walk Vallarta! Learn Vallarta! booth in the Hotel Marsol Artisans Market near the Los Muertos Pier. Fridays, 9:00-1:30

If you live outside of Mexico, you can order Jeff’s maps online at: http://www.mapajeff.com



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Do You Have a Sweet Tooth?

Is sugar really that bad for us?  Despite the warnings of dentists and doctors, sweets of all kinds are available to you in Vallarta.  Every child seems to be sucking on some questionable sugary thing of bright color and doubtful nourishment.  Local family-owned Azteca candy and nut shops as well as “pastelerias” offer more variety than you will have seen for some time.  One of my favorites is the “coco con leche” rolls made with sweet coconut and milk.  Or try the hot nuts cooked with cane sugar until they are caramelized in a coating of delight. My friend Jesus, who calls himself “Willie Wonka,” runs the candy shop (dulceria) where we stop to browse on my El Centro Walking Tour, with free samples all around!

Mexican candy, Puerto Vallarta Walking Tours!

If you want to feel less guilty, Xocodiva Chocolates in Southside offer some sugar-free gourmet dark chocolates to die for.  And Pie in the Sky has decadent cakes and goodies for all occasions. Several coffee shops and cafes also carry sweet delights to accompany your local Mexican coffee. Come take a guided walking tour with us and we will show you where to satisfy your sweet tooth.

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