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Do You Have a Sweet Tooth?

Is sugar really that bad for us?  Despite the warnings of dentists and doctors, sweets of all kinds are available to you in Vallarta.  Every child seems to be sucking on some questionable sugary thing of bright color and doubtful nourishment.  Local family-owned Azteca candy and nut shops as well as “pastelerias” offer more variety than you will have seen for some time.  One of my favorites is the “coco con leche” rolls made with sweet coconut and milk.  Or try the hot nuts cooked with cane sugar until they are caramelized in a coating of delight. My friend Jesus, who calls himself “Willie Wonka,” runs the candy shop (dulceria) where we stop to browse on my El Centro Walking Tour, with free samples all around!

Mexican candy, Puerto Vallarta Walking Tours!

If you want to feel less guilty, Xocodiva Chocolates in Southside offer some sugar-free gourmet dark chocolates to die for.  And Pie in the Sky has decadent cakes and goodies for all occasions. Several coffee shops and cafes also carry sweet delights to accompany your local Mexican coffee. Come take a guided walking tour with us and we will show you where to satisfy your sweet tooth.

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