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Puerto Vallarta Artisan Markets

During high season, there are artisan markets every day of the week where local merchants gather to sell their wares in the old open market style of years ago. Typically there are from 40 to over 100 vendors in each market. Strolling among the tables one can find arts, crafts, farm fresh produce, flowers, homemade desserts and culinary delights, specialty breads, organic coffees, clothes, woven scarves and embroidered purses, handmade sandals and leather shoes, jewelry of all types, fresh juices, and on it goes. But what really makes this experience special is the people, both vendors and buyers.

Three Hens Saturday Market, local artisans, vendors, Puerto Vallarta Walking Tours!

I have a table the Hotel Marsol Artisans Market near Los Muertos Pier Friday mornings selling my educational walking tours, guidebooks, hand-drawn maps, and photographs. Come enjoy the friendly atmosphere, relaxed conversation, have a cup of coffee and a scone, taste samples that vendors are passing around, listen to live music, read the local Mirror or Tribune and feel the warmth and laughter shared amongst friends.

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